Make Winter Great Again

Our friend Robert Belanger was co-founder of Cool Kids Campaign which helps pediatric oncology patients.  He died Friday Dec 30 of prostate cancer at age 47. He was so kind and had a good sense of humor.  He was also a ball player like his dad, Orioles Shortstop Mark Belanger who wore 7. Plus it is now 2017... So we came up with this.

"Make Winter Great Again"

To honor the Belanger family, $7 of each shirt will go to Cool Kids Campaign.

Note: There is nothing political about this. We believe humor is the best way to deal with things out of our control. Whatever that may be.

It may be old fashioned
Or a little too bold
But winter is supposed to be
Snowy and cold
Make Winter Great Again
Is NOT political stew
But this special edition FITF
Is also available in red and blue

 100% Cotton - Soft hand screenprint



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